EsoGlove Pro LUXE

An upgrade from the EsoGLOVE™ Pro, EsoGLOVE™ Pro LUXE includes one pair of Armon Dynamic Arm Support, which aims to further assist patients on their road towards recovery. This upgrade was curated after we observed limited arm strength in some of our patients, which affected their progress in hand rehabilitation.

The Arm Support is able to carry the full weight of the arm, and allow for a wide range of arm movements. With this Arm Support, patients are able to focus on their hand rehabilitation and their training will not be hindered by their lack of arm strength. In addition, the use of Armon Dynamic Arm Support can also be incorporated into the daily lives of patients to supplement their lack of arm strength.

EsoGLOVE™ Pro LUXE is recommended for patients in need of hand rehabilitation with limited arm strength. 


Product features

The system is designed for people with limited strength in their arms and hands and has a unique spring compensation mechanism that balances the full weight of the user's arm.

While the Armon is suitable for situations/diseases such as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and motor movements after a stroke, it is also suitable for professional activities like Dentistry, Laboratory and Surgeons, who use their muscular strength over a period of time for static work. 


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